Kirk Books
"The Most Effective Approach to Piano Teaching"
By Laura Styer Kirk

The Kirk Book Piano Teaching series promotes internalized learning which means "to make a part of one's own pattern of thinking." (Webster) This is achieved though the use of an unprecedented volume of pedagogically tested, carefully graded, multiple-key pieces.
                                   24 Books (70+ pages each)

With the Kirk Book piano teaching series, a student has the opportunity to become fluent in the language of music. At increasingly difficult levels, it becomes easier and easier to read, interpret and perform new pieces without struggle.

Theoretical skills, including interval and pattern recognition, note identification, rhythmic notation and harmonic and melodic structure become a part of the musician's pattern of thinking. Technical skills such as fingering, phrasing and artistic expression have the opportunity to become automatic. As a student internalizes basic fundamentals, memory and performance playing are also enhanced.

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