Unsolicited Comments About Kirk Books

"It's so much easier to learn!"  Britany  (Transfer Student)

"Your books are down right  fun!"    Georgie Jordan  (Adult Student)

"All the students enjoy the pieces and the speed at which they are able to finish them. Your books are very well planned out and allow the students a thorough knowledge of note reading and rhythm. Thank you." 
                                                                                                     Tahnia Lund - Piano Teacher, Murrieta, CA

“I have become a total convert to your program! I am having such great results, not only with children – but with my adult students, that I have now converted all of my students over to the Kirk Books. 
                                                                                              Marilyn Anglin - Piano Teacher

“Whatever it is the Kirk Books do, they have made a major difference with our two daughters. We are so impressed with their ability to just pick up a piece of music and play it!” 
                                                            Beth Ryan - Parent

“The songs are musical and appealing. There is no other method that allows students to learn harmony in multiple keys without sacrificing the left hand independence that is so crucial.
                                                                             Lenore Johnson - Piano Teacher

“The thing I love most about the Kirk Books is how quickly my students learn to read music.” 
                                                                                                 Sandy Abrisch - Piano Teacher, Oceanside, CA

I'd like to tell you again how much I enjoy teaching from your books. They have been a godsend. They even work great with the adults. I've aways had trouble finding good books for adult beginners - most books move too fast to let them build their finger coordination. 
                       Tahnia Lund -Piano Teacher, Murrieta, CA

“I have really enjoyed using the Kirk Books for the past year. I already notice improvementsin my students reading ability. I have had several parents tell me “I don’t know what you aredoing differently but my child’s playing has improved so much and even more importantly he/she is having more fun playing the piano! They are playing songs just for fun even afterfinishing practicing. I tell them that the difference is the Kirk philosophy of providing somuch material at each level that the students can’t help but be successful every step of the way. They are thrilled with the change. The Kirk Books have proven to me that practicing does not need to be tedious and laborious for students. THANK YOU!!       Maureen Becker - Piano Teacher, Canada

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